Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

 We work closely with our clients with a motive to solve their problems. With us, you not only get apt services but a promise for a long term collaboration. Dataworld is committed to helping its clients to experience the brilliance of technology by providing unique and innovative IT solutions. With so many IT Suppliers, here are some reasons why we can be your best choice for ICT Solutions.

Experienced Personnel

With years of IT experience, we have achieved knowledge, skills, and expertise in an extensive range of technologies, application types, and industries.

Nationwide Provider

With customers throughout the whole of Kenya, no job is too small for Assured Telecoms.

Quality Service

Just because we offer guarantee lowest price doesn’t mean we skimp on service. In fact, it is because we take care of our customers—and you continue to support us with your business—that we’re able to use our buying power to get you the best deals.

Dedicated Team

Our broad technical scope and capabilities offer a single-source for different IT goals. With a complete portfolio of hardware, software, and services, Dataworld System can help your company at every stage – from planning to implementation of your Business ICT needs.

Service Areas and Markets

Latest News

You can profit from Modern ICT systems by lowering costs, boosting efficiency, improving decision-making, and increasing market competitiveness.

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