5 Reasons Why you Should Install Automatic and Manual Burglar Alarm System

5 Reasons Why you Should Install Automatic and Manual Burglar Alarm System
5 Reasons Why you Should Install Automatic and Manual Burglar Alarm System 3
  • Deter Criminals

The clear presence of an Intruder Alarm system can help dissuade someone with potentially negative intentions from attempting to bring harm to your business.

  • Safer Working Environment

With an Intruder Alarm system in place, you can offer your employees a safer working environment, particularly if they work late shifts or non 9-5 hours (when break-ins are more likely to occur).

  • Instant Response

If you choose a monitored Intruder Alarm system, a nominated key holder can be alerted, or have the signal sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). If part of the service agreement, the ARC can then alert the key holder or initiate a police or security response. Churches Fire & Security has an in-house state of the art ARC built solely for use on our customer accounts.

  • Insurance Obligations

Your insurance company may stipulate that Intruder Alarms of a certain grade and maintenance level are installed on your premises. Our NSI Gold accreditation demonstrates our competence in the management of alarm systems which helps our cutomers meet their insurance obligations. You may be entitled to discount on your premium if your installed system meets your insurer’s requirements.

  • Peace of Mind

With an Intruder Alarm system in place, you can feel confident and secure when away from your business. With many businesses operating a hybrid system of office and home working, it is particularly useful to know that your business is monitored in your absence.

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  • Alarm Control Panel

All burglar alarm systems have a dedicated alarm control panel. The control panel is the brain of the system – everything is wired to or wirelessly connected to the control panel.

  • Alarm Keypad

This is your interface for the system. Usually placed near the main entry or at key checkpoints, this pad lets you arm and disarm the system, and often gives you 2-way communication with your security system monitoring station.

  • Door and Window Contacts

These are typically magnetic sensors that connect from the door to the jamb or the window to the wall. If the sensor contact is broken, like by opening a door or window, the alarm is triggered.

  • Glass Break Detectors

Glass break detectors are sound detectors that listen for the precise frequency of breaking glass. These sensors can trigger the alarm in case of entry even if the window contact sensor is bypassed.

  • Motion Detectors

Most indoor motion detectors include passive infrared (PIR) technology that only picks up the displacement of body heat. This prevents false alarms since spider webs and bugs will not set off PIR motions. Outdoor motion detectors use passive infrared and microwave technology to catch intruders without getting false alarms from squirrels and other small animals.

  • System Interruption Sensors

The best burglar alarms for businesses will have fail-safes built into their systems to protect themselves from tampering. An interruption sensor will trigger an alert if any part of the system is taken offline, loses power, or fails to respond to a ping for any reason.