Call Center Solutions & Phone Systems Kenya

Handling sales and delivering excellent customer service requires a reliable and effective call center solutions. We offer call center phone systems that enable you to make faster calls and save time. This not only enhances communication in the office, but also boosts productivity of your employees.

An effective call system enables you to supervise your workers and gauge each individual worker’s performance then give solutions that could lead to their improvement. For over six solid years, Dataworld Kenya has been a leading provider of call center solutions for a wide range of businesses including, mortgage industry, Debt Collection, Hospitality sector, and many others. We offer the most reliable solutions that meet all the communication needs of your business. Our professional team gives you training and guidance on how to build meaningful connections and relationships with business partners and clients, therefore expanding your business.

Call Center Solutions & Phone Systems Kenya
Call Center Solutions & Phone Systems Kenya 3

The call center solutions we offer enable you to receive and send a large amount of telephone requests at once. A company runs a call center so as to support any new product or handle inquiries about products from customers. Outgoing calls majorly involve marketing whereby a client follows up calls, or the process of debt collection. A contact center on the other hand oversees collective handling of letters, faxes, and e-mails in one location. Dataworld Kenya not only offers small scale call center solutions to your organization, but also offers extensive and  large scale call center solutions; involving a minimum number of agents as two in a single shift, to hundreds of agents in multiple shifts. Boasting of high reliability and performance, our call center solutions enable you to boost productivity in your business environment.

Benefits of using our call center solutions in your Business :

Dataworld Systems in Kenya empowers your business with various modern communication solutions therefore enabling you to achieve your set goals and objectives. Our call center solutions integrate IP  telephony, reporting features, and multi-modal communication tools so as to deliver an outstanding experience in communication. It does not matter if you run a large contact center with multiple sites or a small one with a single contact center as Dataworld Kenya is more than ready to help you to choose a reliable call center solution for your business. There are a number of benefits that come with using our call center solutions in your business, some of which are listed below:

  • Agent screen pops with detailed customer information reduces interaction time
  • Advanced call routing ensures calls go to the right agents, reducing the service time per call
  • Preview Dialing Feature providing Auto dialing from screen based on the requirement by a user. This feature facilitates the agent to see the information on the number to be dialed.
  • Real-time and historical information about callers, trunks, groups and agent utilization allows supervisors to optimize resources
  • Highly Business-friendly reporting. Reporting can be customized to any extend
  • Our Modular Solution includes Switching, Application, and Database servers are on a single server or multiple servers, depending on load requirements.
  • Our Call Center solution can be expanded from 5 seats to 1000+ seats by utilizing multiple servers.
  • Predictive Dialing allow the system to automatically dial batched of telephone numbers
  • Voice Logger with advance recording capabilities
  • Disposition management feature provides the capability to set and assign various dispositions based on business requirement
  • SMS and Email integration
  • Channel Restriction Channel Restriction is available at Process Level in Predictive Mode to control the number of channels can be utilized

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Avoid delays when there are large volumes of traffic during communication by using skill-based routing feature to direct calls, emails, web chats, fax messages, text messages and voicemail messages to an available agent. This speeds up the work progress and ensures that clients get assistance from a skilled professional within the office. It cuts down time wastage whereby customers have to be transferred, put on hold or dismissed due to unavailability of a free agent.

Computer Telephony Integration

CTI allows you to leverage telephone functionality integration to leading CRM products. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) interfaces interconnect with your computer, enabling the:

  • Management  and data delivery to the Agent like screen pop up
  • Control of telephony functions from the desktop like transfer, mute, conference, etc

Our highly scalable and futuristic Call Center Phone Systems solutions are designed to meet the ever changing communication needs of modern  business environments. We also offer high performance telephone products which work perfectly with communication methods such as IP, TDM, Video, SIP Protocols, and wired or wireless connections.