Electrical Services

When it comes to providing electrical installations and maintenance, you need an electrical contractor you can trust.

We provide a variety of electrical installation options and our expert team of electricians work to the highest of standards.

We also provide our customers with regular preventive maintenance services. Our electricians conduct a series of checks and tests within a property, making recommendations and avoiding any unnecessary downtime.

Whether you’re struggling with an electrical fault in a domestic property or a full-scale power outage in a large commercial premises, our team offers a quick, professional diagnostic and fault repair service.

DataWorld offers reliable electrical installation services to business complexes, commercial buildings, and private premises. Our team of experts can perform flawless electrical installations at any level of building construction. We can come during the initial stages of construction to laydown conduits and temporarily wiring just before the concrete is poured in slabs and shutters or during the finishing stages where all the electrical installations are finalized. Our presence in your site of construction provides timely input into the desired design of wires and cable that will supply electricity, network, and connect security equipment in the entire structure. DataWorld can also help you to Install all the electrical wiring, housings, boxes and panels before the walls and ceiling are covered with sheet rock, then provide for More temporary needs as need arises as well as finishing and performing modifications to suit customers’ needs and maintenance. We offer services in the installation of electrical equipment including power distribution transformers, control and protection panels, as well as cabling services for both low and high voltage distribution networks.

Electrical Services
Electrical Services

We specialize in:

  • Office electrical wiring
  • High and low voltage electrical infrastructure and service connections
  • Area and street lighting systems
  • Load studies, fault current determinations and the preparation of system master plans
  • Planning, design, Supervision and local project management of Electrical reticulation networks (both underground and overhead)
  • Instrumentation, process control and automation
  • Electric motor control and switchgear systems
  • Security installations
  • Support and maintenance
  • Building and energy control systems
  • Emergency power installations
  • Fire detection systems