Fiber Optic Network Design Services

Dataworld Systems offers the highest quality Fiber Optic Network Design services by leveraging the FiberBase (http://fiberbasenms.comnetwork design and asset management software, developed by software engineers. Our Network Engineering and Design services can help you analyze, design, deploy, test, manage and support your network.

This can help make your network cost effective, reliable and expandable through:

  • Provide you with key insight and analysis into design, installation, construction, certification and documentation.
  • Assists with everything from Project Management to LAN/WAN Planning and Design
  • Identifies the business case, performance and sustainability needs of your network
  • Network Design -Our network design team can help develop:
  • FiberBase Engineering drawings
  • AutoCAD Renderings
  • Splice Diagrams
  • Network Topology Diagrams
  • Network Setup and Installation
    • Provides you with the insight to build or expand your network
    • Helps you choose the right design, technology and hardware
    • Works with you from network setup through maintenance and support
  • Network Upgrade and Data Migration
    • Helps you upgrade to the latest technologies with minimal overhead
    • Fast, smooth process
    • Adds value to the bottom line of your business
  • Network Management
    • Provides ongoing network monitoring using our FiberSentry solution which is our FiberBase NMS working in conjunction with several Optical Network Monitoring hardware platforms.  (Most frequently NTest is the hardware solution of choice
    • Preserves prior investments by minimizing downtime and meantime to repair
    • Define your expected levels of service and outline a strategy with our ER team
  • Network Test Planning
    • Ensures the reliability of your network by developing an annual fiber audit where our team comes in to document all Add / Moves / Changes which have occurred over the prior year.  (Your network should never again be more than 12 months non-current.)
  • Request for Proposal / Bid Package Consulting
    • Provides consulting to help identify the deliverables within your Bid Package to ensure accurate bidding and professional implementation.