Hikvision Access Control: Time to Take Total Control Kenya

Take control of access control with Hikvision access control. Complete, end-to-end solutions – from cameras to access controllers, from alarm relays to IP architecture, from door locks to DVRs, and more – have been meticulously engineered by one of the world’s largest R&D teams in the security industry. Hikvision’s development facilities lead the industry in advancing the technology of every essential piece in an access control system. The need for perimeter security – both indoor and outdoor – grows every day.

Hikvision Access Control: Time to Take Total Control Kenya
Hikvision Access Control: Time to Take Total Control Kenya 3

Whether they are coming in or going out, you establish complete control with Hikvision’s Access Control system. It provides features like tamper-proof credential systems, MIFARE and contactless card readers and multiple-input access modes for secure identity confirmation. Various communication interfaces and protocols are available as well, including TCP/IP network interface and Wi-Fi standalone terminals. And customers’ accounts always remain safe via RSA and AES encryptions.

Hikvision access control system topology

A complete access control system consists of an access controller, card reader, exit button, lock and software platform, along with any other needed accessories. Hikvision’s access control systems feature:

  • Access controller that downloads information from software, including the person’s ID, card number and permissions, granting access to specified personnel at assigned times.
  • Card readers to gather identifying information when a user is verified. The reader then sends the user card information to controllers and completes the verification process.
  • Fingerprint reader identifies user directly when pressed, sends and saves the user ID and records to controllers and completes the verification process.
  • Door sensors that retrieve door status – when a door’s status is abnormal, an alarm will be triggered and a notification sent to management software.
  • Software to manage real-time events and monitor device status, as well as link up with other Hikvision devices.

Large-scale operations

Access controllers

Hikvision’s professional access controller DS-K2600 series is designed for large-scale applications, including large office buildings and government projects. Integrated and managed using Hikvision software, the controllers provide maximum functionality and security. Key features include:

  • Multiple verifications with fingerprints and card readers
  • Connects to software and create reports for time and attendance tracking
  • System integration – supports TCP/IP and linkage to network cameras and fire alarm systems
  • Data protection – online and offline modes keep data secure in the device in case of a network interruption
  • Advanced access control functions such as anti-passback and interlock
  • Unique hardware design – this self-detecting system provides a fire alarm, backup wiring and a backup battery to maintain optimal system operation

Leading a new century for biometric identification

Face recognition access terminal

As discussed in detail in the first part of this article, Hikvision’s face recognition access control terminals are embedded with the proprietary deep learning algorithm. They have the capability to use captured pictures to build face models. Key features include:

  • Up to 10,000 faces recognition capacity
  • Deep learning algorithm
  • Face recognition accuracy rate > 99%
  • Multiple authentication modes
  • Face recognition distance: 0.3m – lm

All-in-one systems for small-scale applications

Professional stand-alone terminals

Hikvision’s new professional standalone terminals OS-Klnos and OS-KlT2Dl feature acrylic panels and excellent craftsmanship. These advanced terminals support multiple access control functions and can link to Hikvision cameras for a wide range of uses in office buildings, factories and more. Key features include:

  • Supports TCP/IP, RS 85 and Wi-Fi
  • Connects to software and create reports for time and attendance tracking
  • Advanced access control functions such as anti­ passback, interlock and network camera linkage
  • Built-in cameras for face detection and capture

Stand-alone time attendance terminal

Economic stand-alone terminals

What is more convenient than installing a fingerprint terminal to track employee attendance in a small shop or restaurant? Why not use a fingerprint terminal at a door that only allows verified personnel to pass? Terminals have proven to be more effective in turning away curious customers than “staff only” labels. Hikvision’s new OS-KlA8O2 and OS-KlTBD terminals are sure to impress. And not just for their beauty and design. They feature the latest biometric fingerprint technology, adding both security and sophistication. Key features include:

  • Easy to operate – fingerprint and card recognition Easy to install – convenient and flexible wall-mounted installation
  • Easy to manage – manage via Wi-Fi
  • Easy to track – export time and attendance reports via USB, set shifts on device locally and easy-to-track attendance

Elevator control system

Elevator controllers

The Hikvision elevator control system comprises a master controller and distributed controllers. The master controller communicates with the software over TCP/IP; a distributed controller connects the master controller and elevator buttons via RS-485. The master controller can serve as the data center and download access authorisation information from software for offline use. The system provides unique access authorisation for different visitors via access cards. It’s able to manage up to 128 floors – suitable for most large, medium and small projects. Key features include:

  • TCP/IP, RS485 uplink
  • RS485, Wiegand downlink
  • Multiple functions group
  • Abundant linkage interface
  • Tamper-proof
  • Control up to 128 floors


  • All-in-one desktop client CCTV module
  • Intercom module
  • Access control module
  • Time and attendance module
  • Up to 10,000 users and 10,000 cards
  • Up to 16 controllers across 64 doors, expandable to multiple languages


  • Cross-platform mobile app
  • Scan the QR code to add a device
  • Status check, real-time monitoring
  • Remote management
  • Alarm notification and transaction search

HIKvision access control system highlights

  • TCP/IP system structure
    • Hikvision’s access control devices connect to the software platform over the internet to integrate various systems. Customer accounts are secured via RSA and AES encryptions.
  • Multiple access modes
    • Hikvision access control system supports various access modes to suit each unique security need. Different access modes are available.
  • Multiple alarm functions
    • An alarm can be set to trigger when one of these events occur:
      • Card reader tampering
      • Door unlocked
      • Sustained unlocked door
      • Door opens abnormally
      • Cards and/or codes entered under duress
      • Blacklisted card used
      • Multiple swipes of unknown or unauthorised card
    • It also supports input and output of alarm signals in the alarm zone [alarm zone refers to alarm input and output settings, set using alarm linkage).
  • Multi-system linkage
    • Video intercom: by linking hardware to software, cameras can begin recording upon alarm activation, performing real-time surveillance.
    • Fire alarm linkage: Hikvision’s access control system receives signals from fire alarm switches and opens or unlocks appropriate doors according to software settings.
    • More linkage possibilities: Hikvision access control system provides linkage support for software and hardware, as well as other types of linkage.
  • POS function
    • Hikvision access control’s POS function integrates access control and video surveillance systems. When users verify successful connection, there are two main applications:
      • When verifying, back-end products [NVRs/DVRs] will automatically show the card number and event type on the specified video channel.
      • The records of the verification will be added to video events and can be searched using the management software; each event will include 1 minute of video footage.
  • Optional secure module (stand-alone terminals only)
    •  The Secure 1/0 Expansion Module provides secure door control as well as 1/0 expansion via encrypted communication when combined with other Hikvision devices.
  • Advanced functions
    • Hikvision’s unique system supports multiple advanced card configurations, including: card disabling, blacklisted cards, normal card access, visitor and VIP cards, cards entered under duress, and more. Further support includes password authentication, interlock, anti-passback, first card to open door, multiple authentication, online updates, remote control and more. *Economic stand-alone terminals excluded.

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