Home Telephone System Kenya

A hotel phone system is a communication solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It provides a range of features and functionality that help hotel staff and guests communicate more effectively, improving the overall guest experience.

Some of the key features of hotel phone systems include:

  1. Room-to-room calling: Hotel phone systems allow guests to call other rooms in the hotel, making it easy for groups to stay connected and plan their activities.
  2. Direct dialing: Guests can dial an outside line directly from their hotel room, without having to go through the hotel operator.
  3. Wake-up calls: Hotel phone systems provide automated wake-up call functionality, allowing guests to schedule wake-up calls at specific times.
  4. Voicemail: Hotel phone systems offer voicemail functionality, allowing guests to receive and leave messages for each other.
  5. Call forwarding: Hotel staff can forward calls to different extensions or departments, ensuring that guests are always able to reach the appropriate person.
  6. Automated attendant: A hotel phone system can provide an automated attendant service, allowing guests to access hotel information such as restaurant hours, local attractions, and directions.
  7. Call accounting: Hotel phone systems can track the usage of the phone system, allowing hotels to bill guests for long-distance calls or other phone services.

Overall, a hotel phone system can significantly enhance the guest experience, improving communication between guests and staff and providing convenient features to make their stay more enjoyable. Additionally, it can help hotels operate more efficiently and streamline their communication processes, saving time and money.

Dataworld Kenya has majored in the production of home telephone systems for quite some time now. There are several factors to consider when choosing a telephone system in Nairobi. The main factor is that it should be easy to deploy so as not to interfere with the look and feel of the home room. If you upgrading your existing phone system or installing a new one, you have to think about the new cables required for this purpose. It may be quite a tedious job laying cables after constructing your dream house. DECT Phones therefore come in handy in such situation. DECT wireless phones eliminate the need for new cable-laying as well as mobility anywhere in your villa. You can’t completely ignore the wired desk phones as it gives several advantages over desk phone. There is a broad range of home office IP phones available to choose from. It allows you to mix and match the phones regarding the features you required and matching with the look and feel of the home.

You may find that the features necessary for a home telephone system in Nairobi, Kenya are completely different than an office phone system. In an office, you may consider adding an IVR to minimize the work load for your receptionist as well as giving a professional touch to your business. For a home telephone, the incoming calls are processed in a much more personal approach.  For example, you may not like it when your cousin calls and your home phone number has to talk with a computer-generated voice. It may seem a daunting task since the process includes pressing several buttons. To avoid this kind of situation and avoid missing the calls, you can use several other features of a modern telephone system which is available in Nairobi. Some of the advanced features of the home telephone include:

  • You can have DECT Wireless Phones – Give you mobility, and you can carry the phone while roaming around
  • Voice Mail – In case you are not able to receive a call or you are away from a phone, and the caller can leave a voice message. The Voice message can be retrieved later when you are free, or the voice mail can send to your mail.
  • Ring Group & Call Hunting – The incoming call can ring on several phones together or one after another. In the second option, the phone will ring on the first location for a pre-configured time and ring on the second phone like that

Control over call permissions and security integration are some features that a home telephone user may want to enjoy. This means that a user can restrict outgoing calls on different permission levels or completely block outgoing calls. This will eliminate situations such as a driver making several unauthorized calls which may lead to expensive phone bills. The pin code function and call details records allow you to identify the caller and the volume of calls they make, without having the restriction. When using the pin code function, only people with pin codes can make the expensive long-distance call or even outside calls. You can generate multiple pins to supply different people. You can  also check the call detail record to find out which user makes how many calls.

Telephone System SIP Door Phone Integration

Security integration means integrating your Home Phone System to Door Entry System or Gate Entry System.  works in a way such that when visitors who are outside press the bell button, you will receive a call on one or multiple phones in your home phone system. You can therefore  talk to the person who outside and open the door for them by using a key combination on the phone if the visitor is a trusted person. You can  also see the person if you are using a video desk phone.

SIP Door Phone Telephone System Integration

The SIP supported CCTV Cameras can easily be integrated  with a home phone system. With this setup, your cameras will be assigned with specific numbers. You can call directly to a camera so as to see and hear what’s going around on your desk phone or mobile application. You can have motion detection activated on CCTV cameras, and the camera can call your office phone or mobile app while undernourished breach. You can also monitor your baby in the other room  with this setup while you are with a visitor in the living room.

Our Home Telephone Systems solutions designed to be both scalable and feature – rich so as to meet the specific requirements of the home. We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video, Wired or Wireless and  SIP Protocol. Choose from a wide assortment of office telephone system in Nairobi, Kenya a Phone that best suits your home. Our highly skilled technicians assist with  Telephone system installation service for home deliveries while considering maximum deployment flexibility and personalization requirements