Hotel Phone Systems – Take Your Hospitality to new Heights

A hotel phone system is a communication solution designed specifically for the hospitality industry. It provides a range of features and functionality that help hotel staff and guests communicate more effectively, improving the overall guest experience.

Hotel Phone Systems – Take Your Hospitality to new Heights
Hotel Phone Systems – Take Your Hospitality to new Heights 2

Some of the key features of hotel phone systems include:

  1. Room-to-room calling: Hotel phone systems allow guests to call other rooms in the hotel, making it easy for groups to stay connected and plan their activities.
  2. Direct dialing: Guests can dial an outside line directly from their hotel room, without having to go through the hotel operator.
  3. Wake-up calls: Hotel phone systems provide automated wake-up call functionality, allowing guests to schedule wake-up calls at specific times.
  4. Voicemail: Hotel phone systems offer voicemail functionality, allowing guests to receive and leave messages for each other.
  5. Call forwarding: Hotel staff can forward calls to different extensions or departments, ensuring that guests are always able to reach the appropriate person.
  6. Automated attendant: A hotel phone system can provide an automated attendant service, allowing guests to access hotel information such as restaurant hours, local attractions, and directions.
  7. Call accounting: Hotel phone systems can track the usage of the phone system, allowing hotels to bill guests for long-distance calls or other phone services.

Overall, a hotel phone system can significantly enhance the guest experience, improving communication between guests and staff and providing convenient features to make their stay more enjoyable. Additionally, it can help hotels operate more efficiently and streamline their communication processes, saving time and money.

We offer affordable hotel phone systems which are highly versatile, therefore fitting into any setting, irrespective of the size of the property. Our hotel phone systems are highly flexible and can easily integrate with Property Management Systems.  We have high experience in designing excellent telephone systems which are equipped with many advanced features so as to deliver maximum communication experience. The Hotel Phone Systems we offer have been configured to work seamlessly with Property Management Systems (PMS) so that hotel workers can carry out most of their daily functions from within the Hotel Management Software. There are a number of Property Management Systems that our hotel phones can easily work with, including Protel, RoomMaster, and Microsoft – Fidelio.

VoIP Hotel Phone System

With the availability of so many hotel phones, choosing one that could be perfect for your business many seem quite a daunting task. Hotel businesses just like call centers require high quality telephone systems because phone call communications are highly used in this sector. VoIP Phones therefore come in handy in such kinds of industries as they serve the communication needs of staff and customers. The VoIP Hotel Phone System has been configured to support many communication features and services , therefore enhancing productivity in attending to guests in the hotel business.

Hospitality phone systems can be widely used in restaurants, spas, gyms, or swimming pools. VoIP Hospitality Phone systems enable hotels to manage all their sites centrally , make administration easier, and eliminate duplication of infrastructure. Some large group of hotels  have their sites located in different locations throughout the country or worldwide. In order to handle group reservations, and customer inquiries, such big hotels need VoIP Telephone system for Hospitality in order to manage communications centrally. IP Phone systems provide greater flexibility as compared to traditional fixed line systems.  Increasing hotel phone capacity using a legacy system or upgrading phone’s software is meant to  eliminate delay and downtime. IP hotel phone system supply the functionality to build up a variety of services for guests that improve convenience while increasing customer satisfaction. Hotels can offer voicemail in rooms to ensure that guests can retrieve messages from hotel staff, other guests or external callers.

Our Hotel Telephone System Service

Our Hotel Phone Systems solutions designed to be both scalable and feature rich and meets the growing demands of today’s hospitality needs.We have telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video , Wired or Wireless and  SIP Protocol. Choose from a wide assortment of  hotel telephone system in Nairobi, Kenya that best fits your Hotel Business. Our Telephone system installation service  deliver maximum deployment flexibility  and personalization requirements for hotel industry. Dataworld System Kenya offer high tech installation service for Hotel Telephone Systems and Phones in Kenya.