IDS Burglar Alarm Systems

IDS is a system that monitors network traffic for suspicious activity and when such activity is discovered it issues alerts. It describes a software application, which scans a network or a system for the harmful activity or policy breaching. Any malicious venture or violation is usually reported to an administrator or collected centrally by a security information and event management (SIEM) system. A SIEM system integrates outputs from numerous sources and employs alarm filtering methods to distinguish malicious activity from false alarms.

IDS Burglar Alarm Systems
IDS Burglar Alarm Systems

Classification of IDS Systems

  1. Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)
    Network intrusion detection systems (NIDS) are set up at a strategic point within the network to inspect traffic from all devices on the network. It does an observation of ephemeral traffic on the whole subnet and matches the traffic that is passed on the subnets to the collection of known attacks. The moment an attack is identified or irregular behavior is noticed, the alert can be sent to the administrator. For instance, NIDS can be installed on the subnet where firewalls are located in order to see if a potential intruder is trying to crack the firewall.
  2. Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)
    Host intrusion detection systems (HIDS) run on an autonomous hosts or devices on the network. A HIDS monitors the inbound and outbound packets from the device only and will alert the supervisor if suspicious or malevolent activity is detected. It takes a snapshot of existing system files and compares it with the previous snapshot. If the analytical system files were tampered with, an alert is sent to the supervisor to investigate. An example of HIDS usage can be seen on mission-critical machines, whose layouts are not expected to change.
  3. Protocol-based Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)
    Protocol-based intrusion detection system (PIDS) comprises a system that would constantly resides at the front end of a server, monitoring and interpreting the protocol between a user/device and the server. It implies attempting to secure the web server by frequently monitoring the HTTPS protocol stream as well as accept the related HTTP protocol. As HTTPS is un-encrypted and before promptly entering its web presentation layer then this system would require to reside in this interface.
  4. Application Protocol-based Intrusion Detection System (APIDS)
    Application Protocol-based Intrusion Detection System (APIDS) is a system that usually resides within a group of servers. It recognizes the intrusions by monitoring and interpreting the communication on application-specific protocols. For instance, this would monitor the SQL protocol overt to the middleware as it transacts with the database in the web server.
  5. Hybrid Intrusion Detection System
    The system is made by triangulation or the combination of two or more approaches of the intrusion detection system. In the hybrid intrusion detection system, host agent or system data is joined with network information to develop a whole view of the network system. Hybrid intrusion detection system is more effective in comparison to the other intrusion detection system. Prelude is a perfect example of Hybrid IDS.


This model has a large 32 Character blue LCD display with full system menus & prompts and customizable displays for personalized zone messaging. It has a user-friendly interface and distinctive new look that is consistent with contemporary styling. IDS X64 LCD further features large soft touch back lit keys and user friendly one button quick arm functions with convenient keypad zone & programmable output. It is the pinnacle of IDS renowned one-button arming with clear function print on each keys.


IDS X-SMS module compatible only with IDS X-Series control panels. The module is an easy to add on SMS module that allows users to have absolute user control of the X-Series alarm systems from all mobile devices that have the ability to send and receive SMS messages. It is compatible with X-Series control panels version 2.34. IDS X-SMS features controls the X-Series via any cell phone handset and simple SMS commands with command confirmation replies. It has 3 levels of user authority namely: Master, User, and Reporting, and it can be armed or disarmed with partition control. The user can query system status and partition status, as well as query airtime and manage SMS while enjoying bypass and un-bypass zones. IDS X-SMS benefits from multiple free web apps to download, and one can customize labels into zone, site, or partition.


This system features programmable remotes, panic, arm/disarm, stay arming, relay 1 and relay 2, a maximum of 128 remotes in default mode, and three LEDs for communication. It supports Bus-wired operation, and communicates with the Alarm Panel through a RS485 keypad Bus. It also has an on board tamper switch, and the X64 Alarm Panel supports in excess of 4 Remote Receivers. The best thing with IDSX64BUSRX is that the action(s) for the Remote Transmitter buttons can be configured as any non-conflicting with a combination of arm/disarm; stay arm, panic, relay1, relay2, or no action. In the event none of the Remote Transmitter buttons are assigned as “Panic”, then holding any button of a known Remote Transmitter for 3 seconds or more will lead to a “Panic” condition. In the event a Remote Transmitter button is allocated to “Panic”, then pushing that button is the only way to cause
remote “Panic”. All Remote Receivers offer two Remote Transmitter controlled outputs which may operate lights or gates. The Remote Receiver should be protected from rain and
contaminants because it is not waterproof. It may be sealed with silicone or adhesive tape.


X64-REMOTE-KIT describes IDS X-Series Bus receiver kit with 2 x 4 button remote controls, allowing for Remote Arm/Disarm Functions on the X series only. It supports up to 128 users with full user identification, programmable form the keypad, and 2 relay outputs with 1A contacts. X64-REMOTE-KIT accommodates more receivers for more partition control with excellent remote range. The receiver can learn most rolling code transmitters and it communicates with the Alarm Panel through a keypad bus. With secure code hopping functionality, remote buttons can be programmed to arm/disarm; stay arm, panic, relay1, relay2, or no action. It also has an impressive 3 second any button panic option and each Receiver has two outputs ideal for gate/garage or light control.


HYYP-IP is a secure bi-directional TCP/IP communicator offering full smart phone control of the X-Series control panels, through the HYYP Smart Home App. HYYP-IP requires TCP/IP
DHCP Ethernet, and has a function for remote IDS swift panel programming for IDS X-Series control panels. HYYP-IP’s app is available on Android and iOS. Installation of HYYP-IP is easy as it entails plugging into X64 panel and connecting ethernet cable to internet router, followed by   installing app and scan QR code to link alarm panel with app. HYYP-IP Requires panel firmware of 2.52 and above.


HYYP-IP-WIFI describes an IDS X64 HYYP IP module with built in Wifi module. HYYP IP Wifi Connect is a secure bi-directional TCP/IP communicator offering total smart phone control of the X-Series control panels, using the HYYP Smart Home App. It also uses either RJ45 or built in WiFi to connect to router. HYYP-IP-WIFI features a TCP/IP, remote IDSwift panel programming for IDS X-Series control panels. It requires panel firmware 2.52 and above and DHCP Ethernet. The apps that are available for this alarm system are Android and iOS, and it operates with Wifi built into module. Installation of HYYP-IP-WIFI is easy as it entails plugging into X64 panel, and connecting either WPS or ethernet cable to internet router.


IDSX64TX4 is an IDS 4 button remote that requires IDS X64 bus receiver/IDS remote for the IDS bus receivers. IDSX64TX4 has a range of about 90m line of sight and it is used with IDS Alarm Panels for remote arming / disarming, stay and relay operations. It comes with hand held key-ring remote transmitters, its design is modern, practical, and robust.


HYYP-Prepaid is a Serial Hub module with 24 months prepaid data access to your HYYP app, and HYYP Prepaid Smart Home App solution on your phone with data for 24 months, which can be renewed after 2 years. During the 24 months period no more data recharging is required. It is used together with X64 control panels. Similar to HYPP IP connect, this module uses sim card and data.

X-Series Wireless


The Xwave 16 zone wireless expander makes the X-Series control panels extremely versatile, offering the entire benefits of a copiously supervised solution. Xwave transmitters are manufacturer fitted into the full range of Optex detectors. With its simple 4-wire bus connection, the receiver can be fitted anywhere on the key bus to make the most of range. Any combination of wired or wireless zones can be used turning the X-Series control panels into a real hybrid solution. XW-X64-RX’s all wireless detectors are totally supervised with RF Jamming supervision. It features a detector signal strength testing, auto code learn and 2 Onboard outputs. The optimal working range is estimated to be within 100m line of sight between detectors and receiver. Receivers can be fitted anywhere on the bus to optimize installation efficacy. The X-Series keypad or IDSwift2 helps with all programming purposes.


OPTEX-WNX-40PI-T is a PET friendly indoor passive that is used with IDS Xwave. It features pleasing aesthetics and solid detection performance appropriate for standard indoor domestic and commercial installations. OPTEX-WNX-40PI-T has range of 12m x 12m, Quad Zone Logic, Spherical Lens, RFI Protection, Selectable Pulse Count of 2 or 4, and small pet immunity wireless detector

VXI-R-XW-Optex VXI Xwave

VXI-R-XW features Optex VX Infinity Standard wireless for IDS X64 Xwave. The VX Infinity series offer reliable detection functions, decreasing false alarms. The Optex VX Infinity series deliver stable detection functioning even in severe outdoor environments. The Optex range passives is the best outdoor and indoor alarm system passive particularly if you have small or large animals outside. Additional features include 12 Meter by 90 degree flexible detection pattern adjustable to 5 ranges, SMDA Logic for high-tech temperature compensation and reduction of environmental noise. Also included is a rectangle area configuration by pre-cut masking stickers and TX-battery case for both wired and wireless models. VXI-R-XW further features a double Conductive shielding against bright light disturbance, as well as build in Xwave transmitter.