Announcing Markets and Industries We Serve

As a leader in integrated IT Solutions in various industries, Dataworld Systems can ensure that all of your IT Needs are met with the latest technology and an ongoing commitment to top-quality products, installation, and customer satisfaction.

IT Solutions for various industries
Announcing Markets and Industries We Serve 2

For years, Dataworld has been providing quality products and installation of reliable wiring and cabling solutions for today’s ever changing networking environment.


The healthcare industry continues to face rapid change allowing doctors, patients, and health-care professionals to work together more easily regardless of their location. From blockchain technology to precision medicine and artificial intelligence, changes in the healthcare system show no signs of slowing down.

The environment for hospitals and healthcare facilities is a daunting one due to the numerous challenges related to the management of patient records and diagnostics data. Once data is created it must be transmitted, verified, managed, and properly stored in a secure manner. This requires not only an effective network backbone with the bandwidth and hardware to support these challenges but a thorough knowledge of the healthcare environment.


Harsh environments, like those found in a processing area or on the factory floor, require highly robust and carefully designed IT Solutions that meet high-speed transmission needs, can survive the environment, and consume minimum space to connect your machinery, network, and instrumentation and control systems. Compounded by the fact that heat, channel noise, and even dust can interfere with connectivity, you are looking at an environment inhospitable to today’s speed and stability requirements.


Technology innovations that are driving fundamental change in modern education that integrate nearly every aspect of the learning experience. At all levels, from Preschool and college, educators and technology are working collectively to enable fully interactive learning experiences for students. Flexibility remains a vital concern while schools continually adapt to meet the needs of today’s students.


The demand for high performance IT solutions is greater than ever before. There is no slowing down the desire to install more instrumentation and modern technology to enable greater productivity. Systems often required by business includes

  • Audio and intercom systems
  • Card and keypad security access
  • Closed-circuit video (CCTV) and video streaming
  • Telephone System
  • Escalators and elevators
  • Alarm systems
  • Monitoring power consumption


Businesses and government agencies may have similar networking concerns but different requirements. Government standards are more rigorous because they must consolidate complex networking frameworks across health, homeland security, public, and private facilities. Also, government and military organizations require network architecture to support data, voice, and video across both local and remote environments.

Backed by unparalleled expertise and commitment to excellence, Dataworld provides superior quality cabling solutions, meeting the demands of different government organizations.

  • Development and implementation of strict, multilayer security solutions
  • Secure, bespoke, and flexible structured cabling systems
  • High-speed connectivity and uninterrupted communication

We also recognize that your needs may change over time. From threats of terrorism to internal threats, alongside the needs emerging as the population grows, we help you meet today’s needs as well as that of the future.


To achieve the highest safety and security, you need enhanced equipment, systems, and cabling. Dataworld is your go-to partner for all your Aviation need