Point-To-Point Wireless Links Installation

The simplest way to connect two separate locations using a wireless radio link, point-to-point wireless topology lets you connect two locations just a short distance apart to two locations miles away from each other. Within a point-to-point wireless system, the height of both Ethernet radio devices, the power level, environmental interference, and the frequency required affect the distance of the network.

Point-To-Point Wireless Links Installation
Point-To-Point Wireless Links Installation 3

In most cases, security, telecom, and networking applications use point-to-point wireless systems. To maximize performance, each wireless link usually remains in a clear line of sight with each other. At Dataworld, we may recommend point-to-point wireless for the following applications:

  • Lease line replacement when you cannot dig a fiber trench
  • Difficult terrain that prevents you from successfully running cable
  • You want to record live video via a CCTV feed
  • You want to acquire data for agricultural analytics
  • You do not want to dig up the ground to install fixed fiber lines
  • To establish networking between two buildings
  • To acquire internet connectivity at a temporary worksite

Our role in this process includes setting up the two wireless locations that will interact with each other, ensuring reliable, strong, and quick connectivity for the duration of your project or your long-term requirements. We ensure you receive the support and information you need to fully benefit from your point-to-point wireless system.