Smart Cards for Access Control – RFID, HID, Mifare

The smart cards are the fastest access control device that includes an embedded integrated circuit that can be either a secure microcontroller or equivalent intelligence with internal memory or a memory chip alone. The card connects to a reader with direct physical contact or with a remote contactless radio frequency interface.
Contactless smart card technology is used in applications that need to protect personal information and/or deliver fast, secure transactions, such as transit fare payment cards, government and corporate identification cards, documents such as electronic passports and visas, and financial payment cards.

Smart Cards for Access Control - RFID, HID, Mifare
Smart Cards for Access Control - RFID, HID, Mifare 3

Smart Cards are fastest growing technology. Like contact smart card systems, information is stored on a chip embedded within the contactless smart card. However, unlike the contact smart card, the power supplied to the card as well as the data exchanged between the card and the reader are achieved without the use of contacts, using magnetic or electromagnetic fields to both power the card as well as to exchange data with the reader


  •  Authentiction
  •  Secure data
  •  Encryption
  •  Secure Communication


  •  Information security
  •  Transportation
  •  Physical access control
  •  Health Care