The Need for IT Solutions in Commercial Applications in Kenya

The demand for high performance IT infrastructure is greater than ever before. There is no slowing down the desire to install more instrumentation and control points inside buildings to enable greater command over key systems. While HVAC systems and lighting control are the low-hanging fruit regarding optimization of building performance, complete automation of other systems is also the desired long-term outcome. Building Management Automation Systems (BAS) are the wave of the future. They provide centralized, interlinked, networks of hardware and software, which monitor and control the environment in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.

The Need for IT Solutions in Commercial Applications in Kenya
The Need for IT Solutions in Commercial Applications in Kenya 3

Systems often controlled through complete automation might include:

What was considered at one time only an IT issue, today requires backbone and communications infrastructure to connect them back to the services that orchestrate their overall operations. This additional need requires wired and wireless networks independent of what tenants will build into their own business operations.

Dataworld provides both indoor and outdoor signal transmission capabilities that can deliver high-speed video, data, and voice with low latency. An intelligent network design allows clients to manage remote sites regardless of distance. High-speed wireless communications and distributed antenna systems can eliminate coverage gaps in large buildings. Together these systems enable control over almost every aspect of the building’s performance.

While building control may be the goal, today’s needs include commonplace remote meetings, virtual offices, and global interactions, making innovative collaborations technologies more important than ever. Alex can give you those technologies that create innovative opportunities.

Standards for commercial cabling

Unlike some standards which are at the city or national level, commercial network cabling standards follow an international standard set by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) in the United States under the ANSI/TIA-568 and correspond with internationally recognized standards deployed worldwide.

As structured cabling specialists, Dataworld are experts in structured cabling standards around cabling design and installation requirements, commercial building telecommunications infrastructure, cabling and components, optical fiber, and telecom spaces and pathways.

Dataworld has the background and experience to install and configure these control systems in new buildings or as part of a renovation to replace existing, outdated control systems.

Not just installation, but full turnkey support for your facility

The team at Dataworld provides a number of additional services to help when the needs arise, including:

  • Providing quick emergency response times for estimates and deployment when necessary.
  • An in-house quality and safety inspection team experienced in reducing safety and/or financial risks by assisting in the prevention of noncompliant or substandard cabling.
  • Versed in the standards for UL compliance, IBC (International Building Codes), and ANSI/TIA-568.

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