The Need for IT Solutions in Healthcare

The healthcare industry continues to face rapid change allowing doctors, patients, and health-care professionals to work together more easily regardless of their location. From blockchain technology to precision medicine and artificial intelligence, change in the healthcare system shows no signs of slowing down.

The Need for IT Solutions in Healthcare
The Need for IT Solutions in Healthcare 2

The environment for hospitals and healthcare facilities is a daunting one due to the numerous challenges related to the management of patient records and diagnostics data. Once data is created it must be transmitted, verified, managed, and properly stored in a secure manner. This requires not only an effective network backbone with the bandwidth and hardware to support these challenges but a thorough knowledge of the healthcare environment. We have below solutions for Healthcare

Wireless and Wi-Fi

Allow doctors to access data and contact patients on the go. Our cost-effective, secure solutions provide superior performance and uninterrupted coverage for tablets and mobile phones throughout.

Sound Masking

Sound masking helps to increase patient privacy, rest and relaxation. Studies have shown sound masking dramatically increases patient satisfaction resulting in boosted HCAHPS scores.

Streaming Capabilities

 Allow for stable, high bandwidth events such as webinars and net meetings, and high def medical-grade monitors in operating rooms.

Communications Systems

Allow for mass notification systems, paging, and intercom systems for enhanced health system emergency preparedness and optimized day-to-day hospital workflow operations.

Access Control

 Get locks, entry devices and door alarms to assist in protection against external threats and compliance with regulations for today’s needs.

Video Surveillance & CCTV

Add an extra layer of security to your healthcare facility by deterring theft or violent behavior while meeting the demands for patient privacy.

Regardless of the application, NCS can provide the conduit, fiber, copper and other solutions to meet your needs.

Not just installation, but full turnkey support for your facility

We are not just a “set it and forget it” company. Dataworld provides a host of additional services to help when the needs arise, including:

  • Providing quick emergency response times for estimates and deployment when necessary.
  • An in-house quality and safety inspection team experienced in reducing safety and/or financial risks by assisting in the prevention of noncompliant or substandard cabling.

With our expertise in network cabling and testing practices, you will achieve unprecedented management, efficiency, and speed across your facility. Contact us today to set up a no-obligation consult and quote.