Best Yealink DECT Phone in Kenya

Internal communication is absolutely crucial in connecting employees and members of the management team in business. A DECT phone is a cordless phone that works well with the landline phone line. This is very beneficial in staying well informed and updated about issues concerning work. For busy office settings and home settings where multi communications are a necessity, sometimes a system with maximum portability is needed. This is where DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications) comes in handy.

The DECT phone is specifically designed for use in home and small office systems. However, it can also be used together with small and medium businesses. It gives one the freedom to engage with other employees or their loved ones who may be in different locations. The use of Wi-Fi or IP DECT network allows you to keep in touch and give immediate response to queries through DECT systems.

Design, integrate, and implement with Dataworld systems Kenya

The DECT phone system from Yealink is a solution to have smoother communication for on-the-go workers across small and medium industries. Dataworld systems in Kenya is dedicated in offering Yealink DECT phones to address the various communication needs of small and medium businesses. Most communications occur using analog phones. The cordless systems have the handset linked to the base station which is connected to the internet. The wireless frequency regulates the clarity and the range. Yealink hand devices offer wireless communication in a smooth way with VoIP Power.

The Yealink Wireless or Cordless phones are featured with:

  • Quality HD sound with wideband technology
  • Support up to 4 simultaneous calls
  • Wall mountable
  • Up to 5 VoIP accounts
  • Up to 5 DECT cordless handsets
  • Handset select for receiving call
  • Switching between calls
  • Caller ID display
  • Speed dial, voice mail
  • Call history

Some of the advantages of using a DECT system include the freedom of movement, voice communications, call forwarding, intercom, conferencing, and many others. This makes Yealink a good solution for both small and medium businesses.

The phone is equipped with energy-saving Eco features and is compatible with the major software like the Asterisk, 3CX and BroadSoft.  Eavesdropping on cordless communications is not possible as the DECT technology allows the information to be passed in pieces between the receiver and the base among multiple frequencies. Thus, the organizations do not have to worry about data loss.

Why Dataworld Systems?

We have been successful in planning, configuring and implementing the Yealink DECT phones in Kenya across various disciplines. We are also providing other DECT phone solutions for the business and it includes the Grand Stream DECT phones, Panasonic DECT phones and RTX DECT phones. We offer services for scalable, reliable, and secure business growth in Nairobi and Kenya, delivered by a team of experts in implementing DECT solutions.